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Emma Z., current student, 8th grade, testimonial from when in 4th grade
My favorite part of Pianistry Sessions is getting to make up songs and drawings.

Dana Z., Emma's mom
With Jennifer, we found a teacher who is flexible in her style, follows our daughter's lead, and allows our daughter to be creative. It was the perfect combination for us. Our daughter loves piano lessons, looks forward to practicing and is making great progress! Jennifer's lessons are far different from the ones I took as a child! The bonus is that home practice is flexible which works for our sometimes hectic lives. Emma loves being able to combine learning piano with her favorite pastime, art. 

S. Grayling, adult Pianistry student and Reiki client and student
I first came to know Jennifer as a wonderful, talented, effective piano teacher. After a long absence from music, I wanted to return to the joy of playing piano. During my search for a teacher, I stumbled upon her website and she seemed to be just what I was looking for. I had no idea how much more she would offer me over the years that I've come to know and learn from her. 

During one particular lesson, I noticed a certification framed on the wall and was intrigued.  I asked her what Reiki was, and she gave me a brief explanation.  Over time, I worked with Jennifer, benefiting from both her Reiki treatments and later, her Reiki teachings.  

I've experienced profound healings that I hadn't known were possible.  Through the Reiki practice offered by Jennifer, I experienced a Spiritual healing from a traumatic childhood event that had been with me throughout my entire life.  Later, in my continued work with Jennifer, I experienced a physical healing that has left my doctor confounded and without any "plausible explanation."

Jennifer teaches both music and Reiki practices with the gentle, but fearless heart of a Spiritual Warrior.  She is talented and gifted in many ways, and I've been tremendously grateful for her insightful guidance and teachings.  

Pamm Wy..., former adult student and former student's parent

Jennifer is not only talented and professional, she is a 'magnet' for our children. Our son started taking lessons in the second grade and had such a wonderful experience with Jennifer. He continued up through his high school years. Our entire family ended up taking lessons with her! This included my husband and I (both in our forties) and our two younger daughters (both under age 10 at the time.) We cannot say enough good things about Jennifer's teaching abilities and kind heart.

Courtney S., former adult student

Jennifer has a unique and fun philosophy of piano instruction. She is passionate, talented, encouraging, and creative. I was not familiar with techniques like improvising or incorporating arts with my practice -- initially it took me out of my comfort zone, but now I look forward to it. One of my favorite aspects of Pianistry Sessions is the way I've learned to appreciate and better understand my body's interaction with the instrument. My technique and enthusiasm for practice have improved as a result. I also like the way each session is a little different. There's no agenda or schedule to stick to. Jennifer is flexible and attentive to students' needs."

Mac Wo..., former teenage student
What I really liked about lessons with you was that you picked music for me that I enjoyed. You really seemed to understand my tastes. Also you encouraged me to try different types of music which introduced me to songs and styles that were pleasurable to play.

Iljee L., former student's parent
I really appreciate your teaching philosophy and unique style. You tried something new with art and music -- children can enhance their holistic and artistic tastes. Art and music are not separate entities, they combine to make one whole.

​Shannon S., former elementary student
Piano lessons are funner now that we get to do art in them. It makes me think of music more as an art because that's what it is. I'm really busy so I don't practice that often. But when I come here, it seems like I've practiced because I'm better than when I came last time.