Non traditional Pianistry Wellness sessions, for all ages

Interactive Creative Arts and Music
Interactive dialogue
Gentle humor and great patience
›Pianistry parties twice yearly for community building and sharing music

Qualifications and About Me


**Teaching piano since 1997, traditional and non-traditional, all ages and levels.

**Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, cum laude.  (UNM)

**Master of Music in Piano Performance.  (UNM)

**Former Program Coordinator for the Arts-in-Medicine program at UNM.

**Graduate of AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.) writing programs.

​**Working with children and children's programs since 1978.  Including but not limited to:  City of Albuquerque aquatics programs, Albuquerque Boy Choir, Albuquerque Public Schools (elementary and high school levels), and AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization).

**Accompanist and performance artist, including but not limited to current and former experiences of:  church pianist, praise band leader, accompanist for local children's programs and music competitions, accompanist for amateur and professional adult musicians, special music for events (weddings, parties, graduations, dinners, open houses, estate sales, memorial services).

Teaching piano since 1997

I've also been playing piano since I was five, when I chose piano lessons over gymnastics. I earned my Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in Piano Performance from UNM. 


I enjoy teaching and working with children and adults alike, though my focus is usually working with children. My teaching experiences range from ages 6 months old to 85 years old.  I've taught piano to entire families before, and currently teach 2 sets of siblings.

What I Offer

It all starts with an intention.

If you or your child needs a teacher or practitioner

with a more all-encompassing thinking style...

If you or your child love music 

but resist a traditional approach...

If you or your child is sensitive,

or distracted by changes in energy and environment...

Maybe you only know that you want...something different.  

That's all we need to go on.  

I'm an expert at creative solutions.  

Give me a feeling,

an idea of what has not worked in the past,

and a description of your or your child's learning style so far. Together we'll design

a custom Pianistry or Reiki Wellness program that's equal parts beautiful, functional, and fun.  

E's drawing after a day of standardized tests, we started with free-form visual arts.  She titled it "What I Am Feeling."

Same day, same child, but after doing visual arts and some piano, she drew "The Boat" to express how she felt then.

I'm dedicated to improving the quality of people's happiness. You supply the vision, and together we'll create the path.