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Pianistry Wellness Policies

**Serving the greater Albuquerque, NM area in my studio. I do not go to student's homes.

**Sessions are scheduled by appointment only.  I am as flexible as I can be with times and days.

**Students pay at the beginning of the upcoming month for the entire month in full.  Payment is due the first session of the month, regardless of credits or make-up sessions.  

**I average out the number of actual lessons with the total number of weeks in the school year, and students pay the same amount every month.  

**If a session is missed with less than 36 hours notice, students are charged the full amount of the session.  

**The ONLY exception to the previous policy is extreme, sudden illness, in which case I give a make-up session.

**If I need to cancel for any reason, you will receive a credit or a make-up session.

**One time per semester, I host Pianistry Parties.  My Pianistry community is growing more closely-knit because of these parties.  These are different than recitals and more fun.

**Punctuality is very important to me, and I expect students to be punctual too.

**However if you are more than five minutes early I may not be ready for you yet.

**I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  

**While I enjoy and am fully dedicated to the artistic and growth aspects of your sessions, please keep in mind that this is my business and my livelihood.  Please show respect with your consistent, punctual arrival and your prompt payments.  

**Thank you!!  It is my privilege to serve you.