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Piano lessons through Pianistry in Albuquerque, NM

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Creativity builds confidence.  

*Playing piano engages both brain hemispheres simultaneously, encouraging new synaptic pathways. 

*Stepping away from piano to other creative arts and play allows the brain to process what has just been learned.

*Bringing in holistic concepts creates a deeper self-awareness and connection.   

Creative Arts Pianistry Wellness Piano Lessons in Albuquerque



Creative Arts Pianistry Wellness sessions are different!

Creative Arts Pianistry Wellness focus is on

empowering individuals, 

especially children,

by teaching them a range of skills with the foundation of wellness.

What is Wellness?

​"The state or condition of being in good physical and/or mental health."

-Oxford Dictionary online

How does wellness relate to piano?

I teach piano through Pianistry.  

Bringing in other creative arts and concepts outside of music, I interact with students as they move between left-brain activities (rational) to right-brain activities (creative).  We also work playfully to integrate both brain hemispheres.  

My teaching style highlights each student's strengths and builds students' confidence as they learn a tangible skill:  playing piano.  But much more is going on.  I strive to really know each student holistically so that each lesson is truly designed just for them and what they most need in that specific moment.

Thus, learning piano becomes a tool for gauging one's own state of wellness.  

What does holistic mean?

Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as 

intimately connected and explicable only by reference to the whole. 

-Oxford dictionary online

Or in simpler terms,

understanding the parts of something, or someone, 

as deeply connected and explained only by referring to the whole something.  

Or in this case, by referring to the whole person.  

Why teach this way?

I've been teaching piano since 1997.  I've taught various other things since 1989.  I've had a lifelong interest in holistic thinking as a way to better know myself and others.  I love working with people.  And I especially love working with children because their contagious enthusiasm and natural curiosity is refreshing and inspiring. Evolving my teaching style to include holistic wellness as its foundation has proved uniquely successful and deeply meaningful for me.  It's fun, and I love it!